These Terms and Conditions exist for the benefit of and its members., at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate the account of any member caught in violation of the Terms and Conditions without notice.

  1. Registration fees are not refundable in any circumstances.
  2. Your Ad Posting Account will be terminated in the below mentioned cases.
    • If you are posting Ads on auto traffic, auto surf and auto click generating websites.
    • If you are altering and pasting the Ad matters without intimating us or without our permission.
    • If you are violating any of our company rules and regulation.
    • For double posting the penalty is Rs. 500/- and if this repeats again the account will be terminated.
    • Do not post the ad matter in Forum Classified site; if you post the matter in Forum classified site then your account will be terminated.
    • Please post the ad matter in National/International Classified site only in order to avoid spam.
    • Company allowed for posting the Ad on only classified site, not in the Blog site, Forum site, Adult site, Entertainment site, Spam site, Cgi-bin site, Zero traffic site and Free or sub domain site.
    • Please don’t post the ad matter in the Banned Site.
    • You have to submit your work before due date or your membership will be terminated
  3. In case we found you are using some software, or manipulating details, or altering Ad matter or doing any harmful/illegal activities that can generate more money then your membership ID will be immediately terminated without any prior notice.
  4. Membership ID is not transferable in any circumstances.
  5. Report of a month cannot be carry forward for the next month.
  6. E-mail ID and password for Ad posting work will be provided by the company and the same has to be used.
  7. Members are not supposed to change e-mail ID or Password during the membership period also can’t share password with others. Violation of this will attract immediate termination of membership ID.
  8. Report should be only sent to not on any other Email ID. If sent to any other email ID Company will not take responsibility for those reports.
  9. If report received not opening correctly then we will notify you and you should send the same within one working days.
  10. At any point of time company can change the rate plans without any prior notice.
  11. Ads wrongly posted will not be considered and no payment will be made for the same.
  12. Payments will be calculated for valid ad posting only.
  13. Members must provide correct bank details like account name and account number with postal address of the branch and IFSC Code. Company will not be responsible for payment in case any wrong information provided by members.
  14. Company must receive Bank account details within five working days of payment date. Otherwise payment will be considered for the next cycle.
  15. Any doubt in reporting should be sent to before payment date.
  16. “Terms and Conditions” can be changed as per company requirements at any time.
  17. Before starting work please clear all your doubts later on dispute related to above mentioned points will not be entertained.